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Address:NO.1 Zhenxing Road,Taixing,Jiangsu province
TEL/ Fax:0523-87688916/87690000


Our company is a high-tech enterprise specialized in marine spare parts with investment of $20,000,000 .we have 40,000 square meters in area and over RMB 15,000,000 fixed assets.Our products are mainly to service China Offshore Oil and Navy Equipment(Repairing)Dept. And exported to America,Europe,Oceania,Korea,Japan,South-East Asian countries and areas etc.



Corporate culture determines the future of the enterprise. Over the years, boat people strive constantly for self-improvement, forge ahead in business practice, with diligence and wisdom to create impressive performance, "negative mass full responsibility …

  • European Style Diffuser Unit
  • Submarine Cable Laying Equipment
  • φ46 Electric Windlass
  • 10KN  Electric& Manual Winch
  • 30KN Electric Winch
  • 30T Crane
  • 50KN Electric Winch
  • 80T  A-frame Floating Crane
  • 80T Series Of Electric Winch
  • 100T Hydraulic A-frame Floating Crane
  • 100T  Hydraulic Umbilical Winch
  • 120T Hydraulic A-frame Floating Crane& Ditch Digger
  • 150KN Electric Capstan
  • 150KN Hydraulic Towing Winch
  • 200KN Series Of Electric Winch
  • 200T Winch
  •  200T Hydraulic Towing Winch
  • 500KN Electric Winch
  • φ26 Electric Windlass
  • φ70 Hydraulic Windlass
  • φ73 Hydraulic Anchor Winch
  • φ80 Hydraulic Anchor Winch
  • 200T Towing Winch exported to U.S
  • 200T Hydraulic Towing Winch Exported To Singapore
  • Marine Electric& Manual Winch
  • Marine Ditch Digger
  • Incinerator
  • Series Of Windlass And Winch
  •  Marine Heavy oil Heater