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The volume rank of Recent world's ten largest shipbuilding enterprises

Time:2015-08-06  Writer:China shipbuilding heavy industry(Taixing)Co.,Ltd  Clicks:2451次

    According to overseas media reports,Statistics from the UK Clark Song consulting company,ai the end of March,The world's top 10 shipbuilding enterprises to meet the volume  total of 19800000 tons, accounting for 46% of the world's total.The ranking order of the world's top 10 shipbuilding enterprises with the volume orders is:Modern heavy industry,Daewoo shipbuilding industry company,Samsung Heavy,three lakes heavy industry,Modern tail Pu dock company (above  South Korean shipbuilding enterprises),MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries (Japan),Gdynia shipyard (Poland),The Atlantic shipyard (France),Chang Shi Shipbuilding Corporation (Japan) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries