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Operation of the international shipping industry in the first half of 2015

Time:2015-08-06  Writer:China shipbuilding heavy industry(Taixing)Co.,Ltd  Clicks:2476次

   In the face of the economic slowdown in Asia and Greece and other countries of the risk of instability, the international shipping industry oversupply market continues, seriously dampen the confidence in the industry.

   Norton Rose, a Fulbright transportation business, global head of HarryTheochari pointed out that the shipping industry is highly speculative, now serious excess capacity, many owners still fully develop their business, purchase orders for ships. Thoechari refers to the negative impact of the Greek crisis and the Asian economy, saying that a lot of shipping companies are business and Greece, they will pay close attention to the progress of the euro area. At the same time, due to a large number of attention in Asia, emerging markets down the impact on the industry than the European political and economic problems of much greater.

  In spite of the excess supply, shipping industry also needs new investment funds, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other industry consolidation activities are expected to become the main characteristics of the shipping industry next year.